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Fun Fact #1: It's harder to knock over a wine glass that doesn't have a stem.

Fun Fact #2: Wine tastes better in a handmade glass.

Height: 4-4.25 inches; Width: 3.3-3.75 inches; Volume: Approx. 14 oz.

Stemless "Mezza Filigrana" wine glass

  • Our "Mezza Filigrana" drinking glasses are 100% handmade utilizing traditional, centuries-old blown glass processes applied to our contemporary designs. We do our best to make each shape within a certain height and width tolerance, but no molds are used in the making of these. Because of this, heights and widths may vary slightly when ordering two or more of a certain shape, a welcome reminder in our modern world that these are still crafted individually by hand. Dishwasher safe, but not recommended for use with any hot drinks.

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